Redmer Campaign Breaks GOP Fundraising Record, Raises Over $350,000

TOWSON, MD -- Al Redmer, Jr., the Governor Hogan-endorsed Republican candidate for Baltimore County Executive, today announced that his campaign has broken the record for funds raised by any Republican candidate in the history of the county-wide office. With five weeks still remaining before the primary election, the Redmer campaign has raised $356,259.26 -- more than any other Republican candidate for Baltimore County Executive has raised through a general election.

“Since starting my campaign I have made it clear that we would run the most competitive Republican campaign for County Executive in a generation,” said Redmer. “Breaking this record shows not only that we have the resources to mount a serious challenge to the Democratic nominee in November, but also that our message is resonating with voters who feel that Baltimore County is on the wrong track, and want to see us move in a new direction. I am truly humbled and motivated by the support we have seen from all across the county, and I am grateful that people believe in our message enough to donate their hard-earned dollars to our effort.”

Breaking the GOP fundraising record this early in the year puts the Redmer campaign on a solid foundation to secure the Republican nomination and shows the candidate’s ability to raise critical funds during the general election. On the latest campaign financing reports made public this week, the Redmer campaign reported raising $167,252 between January 11 and May 15, 2018. Additionally, the campaign reported having over $120,000 cash on hand to expend in the weeks leading up to the primary election on June 26.

2018 marks the biggest opportunity for a Republican to win the County Executive seat in more than 20 years; the last time Baltimore County elected a Republican as County Executive was 1990. Yet Governor Larry Hogan, who has endorsed Redmer, won Baltimore County decidedly in 2014 -- earned more votes there than the incumbent County Executive -- and has maintained high approval ratings and strong support throughout the county ever since, signaling that with the right candidate and resources, the county is in play for Republicans again in 2018.

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