Public Safety

Crime is on the rise in Baltimore County; in fact, an article from the Baltimore Sun cited Baltimore County Police data showing a 14.5% increase in violent crime in just one year. This is unacceptable, and all of our residents, communities, and law enforcement deserve better.

As County Executive, my number one responsibility will be making sure that the citizens of Baltimore County are safe at home, school, work, and everywhere in between. We have some of the most dedicated law enforcement officers and public safety personnel in the nation, but I believe they do not receive the support and resources they need to do their jobs well and keep our communities safe.

Throughout my campaign, I've spoken often about the failure of Baltimore County to make appropriate investments in the basics: things like infrastructure, employee training, equipment, technology, and more. The Baltimore County Police and Fire departments have been a victim of that failure on a daily basis. 

When county police are so short staffed that we’re 100 patrol officers short - that is a failure of leadership. When local fire departments can’t even get the county to pay for a $20 gas can to replace a rusted out, leaking one - that is a failure of leadership. When, in the year 2018, we STILL have some of our first responders relying on map books in some of their equipment for directions in the crucial minutes they have to respond to an emergency -- well, if that’s not a failure of leadership, then I don’t know what is.

As County Executive, I will work to improve public safety by strengthening community policing and making sure that our police department has the resources to recruit highly qualified and talented officers. Additionally, we'll make sure that we have the appropriate number of police officers patrolling our streets, and make sure that all of our law enforcement and public safety personnel have the tools, training, and resources that they need to do their jobs well, interact with our diverse population, and keep all of our communities safe.

I'm proud to be supported by all three major public safety unions in Baltimore County - The Baltimore County Sheriff's Union, FOP Lodge # 25, the Baltimore County Police Union, FOP Lodge # 4, and the Baltimore County Fire Fighter's Union, IAFF Local 1311. 

MDGOP Candidate