Al Redmer, Jr., Calls on Opponent to Finally Clarify Support for Ben Jealous

Towson, MD - Al Redmer, Jr., Republican nominee for Baltimore County Executive, today called on his Democratic opponent, Johnny Olszewski, Jr., to clarify his support for his party's nominee for governor, Ben Jealous. This week, reports surfaced showing that the official Twitter account for the Jealous campaign liked an offensive and hateful tweet about law enforcement officers.
"I am shocked and dismayed that the Ben Jealous campaign would like such an egregious comment about police officers. Our brave men and women in law enforcement put their lives on the line every single day to keep our residents and communities safe," Redmer said. "They deserve nothing less than our utmost respect and support. I am calling on my opponent to finally clarify once and for all whether he supports his party's candidate for governor."
Despite appearing at an event with Jealous this past weekend, Olszewski has not stated publicly whether he endorses the Democratic gubernatorial candidate. The Redmer campaign has previously called on Olszewski to clarify his support for Jealous, but the Olszewski camp refused to state definitively whether or not he is endorsing Jealous.

Al Redmer, Jr. Earns Baltimore County Sheriff’s Union Endorsement in Race for County Executive

TOWSON, MD -- Al Redmer, Jr., Republican nominee for Baltimore County Executive, today announced his endorsement by the Baltimore County Sheriff’s Office Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #25. This is the first time the union has backed a Republican for the Baltimore County Executive position.

“I am tremendously humbled to receive the endorsement of the Baltimore County Sheriff’s Union, and would like to thank President Stephen White, Treasurer Charles Kish, and the entire union for the support and trust they have shown in me at this cornerstone moment in Baltimore County’s history,” Redmer said. “As we know, Baltimore County has an incredible number of unmet needs, chief among which is the rising crime throughout our county. I look forward to supporting and working with the Sheriff’s Office and all of our law enforcement agencies to make our communities safer for all Baltimore County residents.”

“We are proud to endorse Al Redmer, Jr. for Baltimore County Executive and look forward to partnering with him to improve working conditions for law enforcement and all county employees and agencies,” said Kish. “We are confident that under a Redmer administration, our voice will be heard and our priorities will be addressed, and that Baltimore County will be put back on the right track.”

Redmer has pledged to run the most competitive general election race for Baltimore County Executive in a generation. This is the candidate’s first major endorsement since his decisive 12-point victory in the June primary election. Redmer also enjoys the endorsement of Governor Larry Hogan, who has received sky-high approval ratings in both the Baltimore area and statewide. Governor Hogan won Baltimore County handily in his 2014 election, receiving more votes than the incumbent County Executive. The governor’s popularity and Redmer’s strong candidacy signals that Baltimore County is very much in play for Republicans in 2018.

View the letter from FOP Lodge #25 here.

Redmer Campaign Announces Director of Policy & Community Initiatives

TOWSON, MD - Al Redmer, Jr., Republican nominee for Baltimore County Executive, today announced the appointment of Douglas B. Riley as his campaign’s Director of Policy & Community Initiatives. Riley is a former member of the County Council who will lead the campaign’s policy team and outreach to community associations, business groups, and citizen alliances.

“I am extremely pleased to have Doug on our team, and have every confidence that his skills and experience will greatly benefit our campaign,” Redmer said. “Doug’s first-hand knowledge of the inner workings of County government, his distinguished law career, and his years of community service offer tremendous value to our effort to get Baltimore County back on the right track.”

“I am immensely proud to join this campaign and be part of this effort to bring much-needed change to Baltimore County,” Riley said. “Al’s breadth of experience in both the public and private sectors, his steady, proven leadership, and his plans for making Baltimore County a better place to live and work inspire me and should compel us all to do everything we can to ensure his victory in November.”

Riley is a graduate of Bowdoin College and received his law degree from Tulane University School of Law. A Navy Veteran, has spent decades in a career in law in the Baltimore area. He was elected to the Baltimore County Council in 1990; he was elected as Chair of the Council in 1991 and won re-election to a second term as a councilman in 1994.

Riley spent five years as Baltimore County’s representative to the Maryland Association of Counties, is a past president of the Towson Business Association (now the Towson Chamber of Commerce), and has served on numerous boards and associations throughout the Towson area.

Al Redmer, Jr. Releases Television Ad

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TOWSON, MD - Al Redmer Jr. today launched a new television advertisement as part of his campaign for the county's top office. Last month Redmer surpassed the record for funds raised by any Republican candidate for Baltimore County Executive, raising more money five weeks out from the primary election than any other GOP candidate has raised through a general election.

“Baltimore County is at a crossroads, and Republican voters have a clear choice between proven executive leadership and empty rhetoric from a self-serving career politician. Our residents want and need results, not hot air,” Redmer said. “We are extremely excited to hit the TV airwaves, and we are confident that our strategy and positive message will resonate with voters county-wide.”

The 30-second ad presents a stark contrast between Redmer and his primary opponent. While Redmer has over 30 years of business experience, his opponent is a career politician who, despite serving the last 16 years in the Maryland General Assembly, has only passed two bills in that time and has one of the worst attendance records of any state legislator. Additionally, Redmer has experience managing multi-million dollar budgets in both the public and private sectors, while his opponent uses his campaign budget to lease a luxury vehicle. Finally, the ad emphasizes Redmer’s endorsement by Governor Larry Hogan, who enjoys an 81% approval rating in the Baltimore metro area, compared with his opponent's record as the only Republican in the entire legislature to vote to override the governor’s veto of a bad bill that removes the Board of Public Works’ oversight and accountability of billions of dollars in school construction funding.

The ad will air on cable television starting Wednesday and will run through the primary election. It will be targeted to likely Republican primary voters across the county.

Republican Leader Delegate Kathy Szeliga Endorses Al Redmer For Baltimore County Executive

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TOWSON, MD - Al Redmer, Jr., Republican candidate for Baltimore County Executive, today announced a key endorsement of his campaign by State Delegate Kathy Szeliga. Del. Szeliga represents Baltimore County’s District 7, and serves as the House Minority Whip, making her the highest-ranking Republican woman in Maryland. Szeliga represents the same district as Redmer’s opponent in the Republican primary.

“Baltimore County needs Al Redmer as County Executive,” Del. Szeliga said. “We need an executive we can trust who will stop the expansion of Section 8 housing, keep Baltimore County from becoming a sanctuary county, and improve public safety in our communities. I urge my fellow Republicans to join me in supporting and voting for Al Redmer. Al Redmer has the professional executive experience of managing budgets and people that we need to shape a brighter future for Baltimore County.”

“I would like to thank Del. Szeliga for her endorsement and support in this race,” Redmer said. “Kathy not only understands what is at stake for Baltimore County and the critical need we have to change direction, but also what kind of leadership it is going to take to tackle the many issues we face. As County Executive, I will put our county on a new path and create a multi-year budget and a long-term plan for the future, something that has not been done in decades.”

Szeliga endorsed Redmer in a video released on the candidate’s Facebook page. The video follows another key endorsement video from Governor Larry Hogan.

“Al Redmer is the only candidate on either side of the aisle with the skills needed to get Baltimore County back on the right track, and he is the only Republican who can run a competitive general election race,” Governor Hogan said. “I look forward to working with Al to fix Baltimore County schools and get results for residents who have lost faith in their local government institutions.”

Redmer Campaign Breaks GOP Fundraising Record, Raises Over $350,000

TOWSON, MD -- Al Redmer, Jr., the Governor Hogan-endorsed Republican candidate for Baltimore County Executive, today announced that his campaign has broken the record for funds raised by any Republican candidate in the history of the county-wide office. With five weeks still remaining before the primary election, the Redmer campaign has raised $356,259.26 -- more than any other Republican candidate for Baltimore County Executive has raised through a general election.

“Since starting my campaign I have made it clear that we would run the most competitive Republican campaign for County Executive in a generation,” said Redmer. “Breaking this record shows not only that we have the resources to mount a serious challenge to the Democratic nominee in November, but also that our message is resonating with voters who feel that Baltimore County is on the wrong track, and want to see us move in a new direction. I am truly humbled and motivated by the support we have seen from all across the county, and I am grateful that people believe in our message enough to donate their hard-earned dollars to our effort.”

Breaking the GOP fundraising record this early in the year puts the Redmer campaign on a solid foundation to secure the Republican nomination and shows the candidate’s ability to raise critical funds during the general election. On the latest campaign financing reports made public this week, the Redmer campaign reported raising $167,252 between January 11 and May 15, 2018. Additionally, the campaign reported having over $120,000 cash on hand to expend in the weeks leading up to the primary election on June 26.

2018 marks the biggest opportunity for a Republican to win the County Executive seat in more than 20 years; the last time Baltimore County elected a Republican as County Executive was 1990. Yet Governor Larry Hogan, who has endorsed Redmer, won Baltimore County decidedly in 2014 -- earned more votes there than the incumbent County Executive -- and has maintained high approval ratings and strong support throughout the county ever since, signaling that with the right candidate and resources, the county is in play for Republicans again in 2018.

FACT CHECK: Pinocchio Pat McDonough Lies to Voters on Health Insurance


Pinocchio Pat McDonough Lies to Voters on Health Insurance
16-year member of House Health & Government Operations Committee skipped out on hearings, missed 50% of committee votes; Now misleads Baltimore County voters on State plan to reduce insurance rates


When you’re running for public office, facts matter. Integrity matters. Unfortunately for the people of Baltimore County, my opponent is sorely lacking in both departments.

Baltimore County is facing many challenges, and we need a County Executive with experience and pragmatism to solve the serious problems we face. Pat McDonough has spent his campaign lying to voters about my record and using incendiary rhetoric to intentionally mislead county residents.

Can we really trust the divisive political tactics of a self-serving career politician? Let’s break down some of McDonough’s latest claims and you can decide for yourself:

Redmer Campaign Releases Endorsement Video Featuring Governor Larry Hogan

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TOWSON, MD - Al Redmer, Jr., Republican candidate for Baltimore County Executive, today released a video endorsement featuring Governor Larry Hogan, who enthusiastically endorsed Redmer at a campaign kick-off event in September of last year. Gov. Hogan, who received an 81% approval rating in the Baltimore Metro area in a recent Gonzales poll, recently appeared with Redmer at a series of retail visits in downtown Towson earlier this month.

“I am as humbled and honored for the support of Governor Hogan today as I was back in September,” Redmer said. “Baltimore County faces a number of serious issues, and residents want a County Executive who will be a strong partner with the governor in order to get things done, especially in areas of the county that have been neglected for decades. The governor and I both have a reputation for putting aside partisanship to solve problems, and I look forward to working with him as the next Baltimore County Executive.”

“Al Redmer is the only candidate on either side of the aisle with the skills needed to get Baltimore County back on the right track, and he is the only Republican who can run a competitive general election race,” Governor Hogan said. “I look forward to working with Al to fix Baltimore County schools and get results for residents who have lost faith in their local government institutions.”

Redmer has emerged as the only Republican candidate for County Executive with the resources to run a serious county-wide race in November, having reported nearly $100,000 more cash on hand than his opponent after the January finance reports. Since then, the Redmer campaign has raised money at an impressive rate, and plans to report record-breaking figures in the next finance report due this week.

Redmer Campaign for Baltimore County Executive Announces Finance Co-Chairs

Co-Chairs Will Head Committee to Raise Historic Funds in GOP Race for Nomination
TOWSON, MD -- Al Redmer, Jr., Republican candidate for Baltimore County Executive, today announced the addition of two co-chairs to his campaign to head a committee dedicated to raising a historic amount of funds in the race for the GOP nomination for County Executive. Tracey L. Hoehn, President of Eastern Mechanical Inc., and Corp Manager of Eastern Excavating and Grading, Inc., and Tammi Reeder, Broker and Owner of RE/MAX FIRST CHOICE in Essex, will lead a team of 15 business and community leaders throughout Baltimore County who will be solely focused on assisting the campaign with meeting its fundraising goals.
The Redmer campaign has already far surpassed the funds raised by its primary election competition, reporting more than $180,000 in the January finance report, and intends to break the current record of $286,450 in total funds raised by a Republican nominee for Baltimore County Executive. The Redmer campaign expects to break this record by April 30, thus raising more money 2 ½ months before the primary election than any other Republican candidate has raised through a general election. Redmer’s impressive fundraising ability signals not only his likability and support countywide, but also the strong foundation being laid to mount a serious competition against the eventual Democratic nominee in November. 
“I am both extremely humbled and motivated by the tremendous support our campaign has received over the last five months, and I would like to sincerely thank Tracey and Tammi for the confidence they’ve shown in me, and for their willingness to take on this important effort,” Redmer said. “With their help, we are going to run the most competitive race for County Executive in a generation, and give voters a real choice in November.”
Tracey L. Hoehn is part of the family-owned businesses of Eastern Excavating and Eastern Mechanical. She lives on Miller Island in Baltimore County with her husband and two daughters. In addition to her extensive business career, Hoehn has been an active fundraiser for Governor Larry Hogan, Anne Arundel County Executive Steve Schuh, and Baltimore County Council District 3 Candidate Ed Hale, Jr. 
“I am extremely excited to join the Redmer campaign and assist Al with raising more funds than any other Republican candidate in Baltimore County history,” said Hoehn. “Al has the right experience and vision to make a real difference for county residents, families, and job creators, and I am very happy to be a part of this effort.”
Tammi Reeder is a seasoned business owner and is currently the Owner and Broker of a RE/MAX FIRST CHOICE franchise in Essex with a second location in Nottingham. She also was an owner of the popular establishment The Gin Mill in Canton from 1996 - 2013. Reeder and her family have been residents of Miller Island for 24 years.
“I am thrilled to be part of the Redmer campaign and help bring a competitive election to Baltimore County,” said Reeder. “Al is well-known and well-liked throughout the county, making our job that much easier. I look forward to working with our team in order to make a difference in the lives of Baltimore County residents.”
The Redmer campaign reported more than $180,000 on its January finance report, raised in just the first few months, with more than $120,000 cash on hand. Since then, the campaign has hosted a successful sold-out fundraiser with more than 300 supporters in attendance. The campaign will host another large fundraiser next month on April 14 at the Arbutus Town Hall and expects to sell out yet again.

Redmer Announces Plan to Hire Inspector General for Baltimore County

Recently, there has been a tremendous amount of controversy surrounding Baltimore County Public Schools, including indictments levied against former Baltimore County School Superintendent Dallas Dance, issues surrounding school overcrowding and construction, and ongoing concerns from parents about violence, bullying, and behavior issues.

Much public and media attention has focused on the failure of the former BCPS Superintendent to disclose his outside income; on the county schools’ procurement process; and on calls for a robust, independent audit. I, too, share the outrage over the former superintendent’s actions, and agree there is the need for an independent audit. However, I am equally troubled by the lack of governance and seeming disengagement on the part of the County Executive that has allowed for a disappointing culture to take root in which these and many other failures have become par for the course.

These issues are merely symptoms of a much larger issue in Baltimore County government. As I travel the county and speak with citizens, parents, and teachers, it is clear that there is widespread discontent and a pervasive feeling that the current administration simply does not care and is not listening.  

I hear repeatedly about the county’s failure to fund basic needs such as routine maintenance, employee training, equipment, facilities, and technology. Every year, the county budgeting process is a scramble for discretionary dollars. Sadly, there is no multi-year budget process in place and no hope or reassurance that if priorities can’t be addressed in this year’s budget, they will be in the next. In fact, it appears that the only items to make their way into the recent county budget were those expenditures that would play well in a statewide race for governor. Good politics, poor leadership!

Collectively what we’ve seen in recent weeks is the failure of county leadership on multiple fronts to challenge and provide necessary oversight. Taken together, these failures are an example of the results that follow disengaged leadership.

Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to run large and small organizations, both in the private and public sectors. I have a track record of success in attracting a professional team, communicating a vision, leading by example, and producing organizational and operational results. Most importantly, I remain engaged in daily operations and watch for lapses that might damage my organization's mission and reputation.

On day one, my first act as County Executive will be to create the Office of the Inspector General, tasked with implementing a top-to-bottom review of our entire county government. The Inspector General will assist our administration in building a blueprint for a realistic and comprehensive long-term plan by identifying and prioritizing areas that need improvement. Most importantly, however, the Office of Inspector General will establish a greater baseline for much-needed transparency and accountability. Without this comprehensive review, we cannot hope to institute the enduring change that the county desperately needs.

As County Executive, I want to set a new vision for what our county can truly achieve. I have lived in Baltimore County my entire life, was educated in the public school system, raised my family here, and built my career here. No one could ever claim that Baltimore County is not a wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family. But the status quo is no longer good enough. We can – and we must – do better.

Alfred Redmer, Jr., is Commissioner of the Maryland Insurance Administration, former Minority Leader of the Maryland House of Delegates, and a candidate for the Republican nomination for Baltimore County Executive.


Let's change Baltimore County for the Better.

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