Maryland Business for Responsive Government Endorses Al Redmer, Jr., for Baltimore County Executive

[Al Redmer, Jr., Republican nominee for Baltimore County Executive (center) pictured with Duane Carey, President of Maryland Business for Responsive Government, and Frank Avena, Chair of the Maryland Business for Responsive Government MD Job Growth PAC.]

TOWSON, MD - Al Redmer, Jr., Republican nominee for Baltimore County Executive, today announced his endorsement by Maryland Business for Responsive Government (MBRG), a statewide, nonpartisan organization that advocates for pro-growth policies supporting economic development and increased job opportunities across Maryland. Redmer was joined by Duane Carey, MBRG President, and Frank Avena, Chair of the MBRG MD Job Growth PAC. The endorsement reinforces Redmer’s pro-business record and his position as the Baltimore County Executive candidate best suited to improve the county’s economic climate. 

“I am extremely grateful to MBRG for this endorsement and would like to thank Duane Carey, Frank Avena, and the entire organization for the confidence they have shown in me to lead Baltimore County through the many financial challenges we face,” Redmer said. “As we all know, Baltimore County’s budget is stretched thin, and our credit cards are maxed out. The only way to ensure we have the resources we need to fund our priorities and get our county back on the right track is by improving our economic climate and supporting business growth and job creation. I believe I am the right candidate to make that happen, and I am very happy that MBRG agrees.”

“Al Redmer has a solid track record of supporting pro-job, pro-growth policies that improve the quality of life for everyone,” said Frank Avena. “We are proud to support Mr. Redmer’s candidacy for County Executive and look forward to working with him to improve economic opportunities for all Baltimore County residents.”

During his time in the House of Delegates, Redmer accumulated an 89% business rating from MBRG. By contrast, Redmer’s opponent, Johnny Olszewski, Jr., garnered only a 37% business rating from the group. As a delegate, Olszewski voted 56 times to increase, sustain, or create spending, and voted for some of the most egregious O’Malley taxes, including the rain tax, the flush tax, and increases in both personal and corporate income taxes. In addition, Olszewski voted for every O’Malley budget passed while he was in office; those budgets increased State spending by $9.6 billion.

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