I care about our county's education system because not only am I a product of Baltimore County Public Schools, I put my own kids through BCPS and now have grandkids in the county school system. Education is one of the most critical and complex issues facing Baltimore County. Not only are we grappling with immense construction and maintenance needs in schools across the county, parents have been growing increasingly concerned with bullying and behavioral problems, and I hear constantly from teachers who tell me they cannot even discipline students in their own classrooms.

These issues are symptoms of a much larger issue in Baltimore County government. As I travel the county and speak with citizens, parents, and teachers, it is clear that there is widespread discontent and a pervasive feeling that the current administration simply does not care and is not listening.

On day one of a Redmer administration, we are going to implement the Office of the Inspector General tasked with implementing a top-to-bottom review of our entire county government. The Inspector General will assist our administration in building a blueprint for a realistic and comprehensive long-term plan by identifying and prioritizing areas that need improvement. Most importantly, however, the Office of Inspector General will establish a greater baseline for much-needed transparency and accountability. Without this comprehensive review, we cannot hope to institute the enduring change that the county desperately needs.

We will systematically go through each and every school in Baltimore County to identify all of their needs, take an inventory of those needs, quantify them, prioritize them based on the needs of our children, and we're going to develop a long-term plan in an open, transparent, and collaborative process with parents, teachers, the school board, the County Council, and all of the stakeholders across the county.

Additionally, we will explore any and all options to make sure that the county finally makes progress in building the three new high schools that are long-overdue and desperately needed. I am 100% committed to new buildings for Lansdowne, Dulaney, and Towson High Schools, and am the only candidate willing to explore new and innovative solutions to getting these schools built as soon as possible, without raising taxes on hardworking Baltimore County residents and families.

As we know, the Baltimore County Executive does not run the school system - However, as County Executive I will be hands-on, I will be in the schools meeting with students, teachers, and parents, and I will always be a strong advocate for our teachers, parents, and especially our students.

Finally, I'm proud to be endorsed by the Council of Administrative and Supervisory Employees (CASE), the association representing principals, assistant principals, coordinators, supervisors, pupil personnel workers, and superintendent’s designees within Baltimore County Public Schools.

MDGOP Candidate