Jobs & Economic Development

As County Executive, bringing family-supporting jobs and more economic opportunities to Baltimore County residents will be a top priority. As a lifelong business guy, I understand what it takes to run a business and make a payroll, how government can play a role in successfully attracting and growing jobs and businesses in our area, and how it can impede progress and make running a business more difficult, negatively impacting workers and communities.

Baltimore County has tremendous assets that make it an ideal place to open a business: plentiful natural resources, close proximity to I-95 and the Port of Baltimore, and an educated workforce. Despite this, our local economy is at risk due to our dire financial situation. The county budget is stretched thin, and our credit cards are completely tapped out. In fact, the bond rating agency, Moody’s, has already put us on a watch list, putting our coveted AAA bond rating in jeopardy. If that rating is downgraded, our property taxes will increase, making it harder for businesses and families to stay in Baltimore County.

As County Executive, I will reinstate the Baltimore County Economic Development Commission, which was unwisely disbanded by the previous administration, and bring in the best and brightest to help us create a more business-friendly environment in our county. I’ll also work to expand vocational training in our public schools, providing students with the skills that employers need right now, while also advocate to include more STEM training, preparing students for the jobs of the future, as well.

I have a long record of supporting pro-jobs, pro-growth economic policies, and am proud to have earned the endorsement of Maryland Business for Responsive Government.

MDGOP Candidate