Customer Service

Over the years a culture has formed in Baltimore County government in which those who know the right people or are able to write the right check can get things done, and get them done quickly. Meanwhile, many communities have been neglected for decades. When I travel around the county, I see things in some neighborhoods - including my own - that simply wouldn't be tolerated in other zip codes.

Under a Redmer administration, we will create a new culture that puts customer service first, and we will provide a high level of customer service to the citizens of Baltimore County like they have never seen before. No longer will residents hear the phrase, “That’s not my job.” More importantly, we will provide the same high level of service to EVERY community, not just those communities that are in the "right" zip code.

I believe that there are many well-intentioned, hardworking employees throughout county government that want to do their jobs well and serve the residents of Baltimore County. However, they can’t, because they’re not given the tools, training, resources, and support that they need. In addition, the same political machine that has perpetuated this poor culture operates through cronyism, fear, intimidation, and retribution. Many county employees are too afraid to sound the alarm on any given issue for fear of losing their jobs.

Under a Redmer administration, there be a new culture in Baltimore County government, one where county employees are empowered to do their jobs and given the tools to do them well; where all communities have equal access to government and can expect prompt, responsive service. We are going to clean up our schools and neighborhoods; clean up the crime, the rats, and the midges. And we are going to set a culture in county government where we measure ourselves not by our political rhetoric, but by our actions, and our results.

MDGOP Candidate