Al Redmer, Jr. Reports More Than $180,000 Raised in Opening Months of Campaign

Cements Front-Runner Status for Republican Nomination for Baltimore County Executive

TOWSON, MD -- Al Redmer, Jr., Republican candidate for Baltimore County Executive, has raised over $180,000 in the first few months of campaigning, according to a finance report made public today by the Board of Elections. Redmer's early fundraising success lays a strong foundation for his campaign and cements his status as the Republican front-runner.  

“They say money talks, and early money screams. The overwhelming early support from all around the county has been both humbling and motivating,” said Redmer. “I take very seriously the commitment and confidence that folks have shown in me, and I can assure them that I will do everything in my power to run the most competitive campaign possible.”

The Redmer campaign's report shows $189,007.06 in total funds raised, with $122,831.88 cash on hand and only $66,395.57 spent. The Redmer campaign marks the first time Baltimore County voters have the chance for a competitive County Executive race in a generation.

"Thanks to the enthusiastic generosity of our early contributors, the Redmer campaign is able to begin the election year in an unprecedented place of strength,” said Finance Director Nicole Ossola. “Al's friends, family and neighbors helped him exceed our original fundraising goal and have allowed us to fully organize and staff the campaign with the talent needed to win even earlier than we had hoped."

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