Al Redmer, Jr. Announces Endorsement from Baltimore County Council of Administrative & Supervisory Employees

TOWSON, MD - Al Redmer, Jr., Republican nominee for Baltimore County Executive, today announced his endorsement from the Council of Administrative & Supervisory Employees (CASE). CASE is a union representing principals, assistant principals, coordinators, supervisors, pupil personnel workers, and superintendent’s designees within Baltimore County Public Schools. Joined by CASE Executive Director Tom DeHart, Redmer made the announcement at his campaign headquarters.

“I am extremely honored to have the endorsement of the Council of Administrative & Supervisory Employees, and would like to thank Executive Director Tom DeHart and the entire CASE organization for their support,” Redmer said. “Baltimore County is currently facing a tremendous amount of challenges, chief among them being the state of our county school system. I look forward to working with CASE to give our teachers and administrators the resources and support they need to improve our schools, restore discipline in our classrooms, and provide our students with the world-class education they deserve.”

“CASE is proud to support Al Redmer, Jr. in his race to become the next Baltimore County Executive,” said DeHart. “The county school system is currently facing a number of challenges, and we are confident that Mr. Redmer is the right candidate to address them. Al Redmer has the skills and experience to ensure a responsive culture in county government and lead Baltimore County during this critical time.”

This is the fifth high-profile endorsement that Redmer has picked up in the last two weeks, and the fourth from a county employee union. In addition to the CASE endorsement, Redmer has earned the endorsement of all three major public safety unions in the county: the professional fire fighter’s union, International Association of Fire Fighters Local 1311, the police union, Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #4, and the Sheriff’s union, Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #25 have all endorsed Redmer.

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